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«LIDSKAE Winter» — limited dark beer. In beer advertising people's images and their emotions from the product cannot be used, but they are the ones that are missing to promote seasonal product on holidays.


Unite the brands of "Lidskoe Beer".


These brands  never merged, it was necessary  to get advantages from synergy: for example, emotions for beer in advertising kvass.


Kvass and dark beer are very similar as products, people can be used in kvass advertising, and not in beer advertising.

The product design was identical. Advertising campaigns have also come together. Kvass gave the opportunity to use people on TV and in outdoor advertising.



United communication worked for both brands, increasing sales of both first and the second ones. The campaign was successful by combining two strong brands. The share in the peak month of sales was: December Y2019 - 0.31%, December Y2018 - 0.20%.

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