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  • to increase awareness of the VOKA Smartfilm Festival, the International Mobile Film Festival in Belarus; 
  • to attract the attention of international audience and participants;
  • to continue the festival image formation in the international arena.


How is it possible to announce the festival from Belarus to the whole world? Not so long ago, Belarus was inflicted on the film map by character of "John Wick" movie played by the famous Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves. So, in the film there was a phrase that "Jordani is a child of Belarus." We decided to use this lead and reach Keanu.



We shot mockumentary about the character’s childhood places. The shooting took place in a real Belarusian village with the participation of unprofessional actors who brilliantly played John Wick's relatives, who always "love and wait" for him in his homeland. In addition, of course, the actor was invited to the VOKA Smartfilm festival.



The video hit major media, publics and received coverage in more than 150 publications around the world.

With a budget of $2000, we received free coverage of approximately $500,000. The video became a full-fledged and vibrant advertising campaign, which was able to attract attention to the festival, and got into many movie publics. It was actively supported and placed by movie fans on their pages, they perfectly understood the “Easter eggs”, hidden in the humor of the video. Thanks to the video, the media around the world spoke about the festival, expanding the audience of the project.

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