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  • to involve users in digital activities, interactive mechanics and MEGA social networks;
  • to combine the directions and themes of hobby clubs to attract a wider audience;
  • to create a social media storytelling to combine the project into one concept;
  • to recall the MEGA Friends loyalty program. 


Unite people and give them what is needed in the difficult times of the pandemic, e.g. emotions and rational reasons to be happy with MEGA.

  • Communication
  • Inspiration
  • Hobby clubs in webinar format
  • Competitions and interactive mechanics
  • Popular influencers


We have identified several directions that would be interesting to the user: ecology and home, fashion and trends, digital, family and children, self-development (this is all presented in MEGA hobby clubs). And we found popular influencers who can share their knowledge interestingly and professionally with the audience

Irena Ponaroshku, Diana Goss, Evgeny Davydov, Larisa Surkova, Maria Bathan - bloggers with a huge and very loyal audience. Each of them held 1-2 webinars on his/her own topic.


The project targeted hundreds of thousands users, tens of thousands of them registered to visit webinars, half of them then visited webinars. Each webinar also involved post-webinar activity, more than a thousand people took part in it. 

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