MEGA food

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  • Strategy
  • Creative
  • Design




  • To develop a service naming; 
  • To develop logo, icon, color coding of the service; 
  • To develop KV with different accents: KV Generic about the service, KV with application instruction, KV with application focus. 


To facilitate communication, we chose a simple and concise name - MEGA Food. In the application there is a simple and understandable interface of bright orange color - the color of orange peel.


The basic and main color of visual communication of MEGA Food brand is orange.

The orange background uses a two-color logo, in some cases you can use a single-color (white or black). Orange is the color of optimism, it raises the mood, helps to cope with the moping, charges energy, has a positive effect on the sphere of intelligence, emotions and creativity. The PANTONE Color Institute claims that over the past 10 years, this color has become more influential and ubiquitous than ever.

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