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To attract a relevant and status audience to Jameson Connections events.


Representatives of solvent audience do not attend events where the public does not correspond to their status.


Therefore, during the Jameson Connections event, private opinion leaders’ parties with relevant public were organized.


A person is more likely to attend a brand event if invited by a friend, not a brand.

At the Jameson Connections party itself, three bars were organized from opinion leaders in their areas: DEV BAR (dev.by, IT area), PARTIZAN BAR (PARTIZAN PRODUCTION: advertising, creative, digital), RE:FRESH BAR (MIHAS&CO – organizers of parties for progressive music connoisseurs).



According to internal databases, the relevance of the audience of the event increased from 60 to 95%. Jameson sales for 2019 grew by 28% compared to 2018 (this is a good result, since cheap products of state-owned companies are the driver of the category growth).

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